We've all lied.

To mom about cleaning our room, or worse, to customers about what our product actually delivers.

For decades this worked. There was only 1 Model T, after all. One corporation to work for downtown. And just one airline. Until there wasn't.

Modern technology equipped consumers with two weapons: intelligence, and options. Authenticity is an expression of intelligence, transparency is earnest acceptance of optionality.

As such consumers don't respond to ”growth hacking,” which promised fast results and delivered spam email. They (we) don’t respond to gimmicks, false urgency, or hyperbole.

To succeed in marketing today is to participate in the culture. To stop shouting, and start listening. The problem with dishonest marketing is it just doesn't fit the culture anymore.

Here's something else that's true: building a business is hard. The only kind worth building, then, is one that lasts. And to last, we must adapt.

Honest Marketer exists to give back marketing its good name. Not because it’s the right thing to do -- although that is true -- but because it's the only way to survive.

Our principles:

  • copywriting should only make falsifiable claims
  • pricing should be non-predatory and fair
  • support should be personal, prescriptive, and human
  • products should do what they say on the tin

If you agree, join us.