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Sales emails == cold emails.

Cold email isn't "wrong," but it does present a few ethical dilemmas. Let's discuss a solution for each one.

Cold Email Ethics - Personalization

A lot of cold emails start with something like "Hey, I noticed that..."

This is usually a lie, because the sender (marketer) didn't "notice" anything.

They bought, scraped, borrowed, or built a list of prospects -- hopefully with something in common -- and hit "send."

Unless you're actually visiting each of your prospects' websites and noticing things, don't say you noticed something.

Low quality cold email copywriting

An alternative to "I noticed" is "your website is using X technology" or "you guys have been around a few years" or "we're both working with ____ client."

If you didn't notice, don't say so.

Cold Email Ethics - Commitment

Marketer Gary Vee has an infamous quote, "a lot of marketers are like frat guys at the bar, they try to close on the first night."

Poorly written sales email sequences do the same thing by asking prospects to schedule a call or a demo, before any rapport is established or value is added to the prospect.

Instead of asking for a phone call in your first touch sales email, try adding value instead, or posing a question about your prospect's business.

This question, if answered competently, will add value and become a relationship building block for a future sale.

Cold Email Ethics - Followups

Anyone who has ever sent cold sales emails knows one thing: the more followup messages you send, the more responses you receive.

Backlinko partnered with Pitchbox to analyze 12 billion sales emails and discovered the following:

multiple outreach messages result in higher response rates

That's right: sending 3 or more messages results in the best overall response rate, sending just one additional follow-up can boost replies by 65.8%.

Equipped with this data, marketers have begun to get a little... desperate in their followup copywriting.

Here's what followup emails are beginning to look like:

  • You must really hate me by now, but...

  • Checking in to make sure you didn't die!


When you follow up, stay human. And don't virtue signal that you are worried about their personal health. You aren't.

Cold Email Ethics - Scale

The holy grail of cold email is when you send enough of them for your inside sales team to book back-to-back demos.

Pending your ability to identify prospects and write a compelling message, however, achieving this goal might require 100 cold emails per month or 100,000.

Knowing your TAM (total addressable market) will become saturated after enough low quality outreach, consider spending more of your effort improving your cold email efficacy vs scaling it to higher volumes.

Prospects will thank you, and you'll save money on list building, email verification, and IP reputation management too.

Steps to fix your cold emails

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