Remove Friction from User Cancellation

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"They promised us flying cars, instead we got 140 characters"

-- Peter Thiel

Remember when having a website meant having a "webmaster," one of those creepy guys in a basement that manages the background color of your Geocities fan page?

Times have changed (thankfully) since then, but some internet entrepreneurs still act like it's 1997.

Particularly, those who don't allow paying customers to cancel a subscription or purchase self-service.

It's not a technical challenge

The nerve of some companies to require we "contact support" in order to end a subscription -- whether it's a cable TV package, cell phone, or latest SaaS app free trial -- is a leading indicator of unethical business behavior.

Unethical user cancellation strategy

This is especially true of the subscription itself did not require speaking with a support representative.

Anyone who can configure HTTPS, build a Stripe integration, and install a support widget, can also allow customers to revert their payment with those same tools, representative-free.

Practice symmetry

If onboarding to your service requires personal hand-holding from your team, then offboarding might as well.

If your customers sign long-term (1+ month) contracts to work with you, then letting them cancel (breach contract) spontaneously doesn't work either.

For the rest of us, there is something called a "cancel my account" button.

Build it.

Steps to remove user cancellation friction

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