Make your Landing Page More Dynamic

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The following two screenshots were taken from the same website, on the same day.

Bazaarvoice customers count 6000
Bazaarvoice customers count 5000

Do they have 5,000 customers, or 6,000? Perhaps the number is somewhere in between?

Whatever the count, this website doesn't get the [social proof] credit it deserves because the data is static.

Honest Marketers make data-driven claims realistically by making them dynamic.

Dynamic content to consider

It's likely your home page, pricing, and direct response landing pages have some statistics:

  • Number of customers

  • Activity metric, e.g. photos uploaded

  • Average review score

By all means, show off these metrics if you're proud of them.

But make them honest.

Static landing page content example

Real-time marketing metrics

A little bit of JavaScript can go a long way.

Marketing app Fomo implemented asynchronous requests to their server on a per page load basis to fetch customer review counts, active websites, and even the number of signups in a 24 hour period.

Fomo dynamic integrations count

This Open API was made public, and now anyone can make API requests against it to discover KPIs on demand.

Customers deserve the truth

For innovators -- those among us pushing the limits of what's possible -- the least you can do is keep the market informed.

In addition to live metrics from your backend, consider adding a changelog, status page, and publicly available incident reports.

Whether your server went down or the latest physical product launch was recalled, make this information freely available to build trust with prospects.

How to fix static content

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